Asset Integrity Management is the term used to describe management systems, strategies and various activities within a given asset; it is  developed purposely to maintain assets (refinery, chemical and manufacturing plants, production facilities, pipelines etc.) in fit-for-purpose condition for the entire life of those assets.

Effective and efficient Asset Integrity Management program incorporates design, maintenance, inspection, process, operations, and management concepts; it is intended to maximize the value of the assets while simultaneously managing the risks to ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable). Asset integrity Management spans through asset life. 

OGAB Engineering provides the following Asset integrity management services: 

  1. Proactively maintain your assets through deployment and integration of applicable softwares, training of asset’s technical personnel, and establishment of evergreen asset integrity management program. 
  2. Ensure that your assets’ productivity, reliability and safety are optimized while risks are simultaneously reduced. 
  3. Ensure that your assets meet all relevant regulations and industry codes. 
  4. Ensure that your static and rotating equipment (including pipeline and piping system) are effectively tracked and acted on based on the condition of your assets during their life cycles. 
  5. Ensure that your assets fully incorporate innovative inspection technologies to manage potential damaged mechanisms. 

With decades of experience in Asset Integrity Management, OGAB Engineering consultants offer a complete asset integrity management program by integrating the following major activities (as applicable) on a dedicated asset integrity management platform: facility data management, RBI, RCM, HAZOP, HAZID, SIL, FMEA, LOPA, corrosion management system, materials selection, fitness for purpose, flow assurance, pipeline risk-based assessment, integrity operating windows, and reliability assessment (RAM analysis).