Virtual Assets Management (VAM) system is a set of online real-time production management tools that offers oil and gas operators cutting-edge one stop shop platform utilizing the latest in software technology and industry-based standards, required to harness large amounts of sensor  in order to bring substantial improvements to operation efficiency and productivity; continuous, round-the-clock assets performance monitoring, surveillance, control and optimization; and decision-making process. The VAM technology, being vendor neutral, also supports communication to any third-party application using the Energistics standard web service thereby lowering implementation costs and optimizing the interaction between asset models and data-assimilation methods.

The VAM technology meets all out-of-the-box architectural and functional requirements to provide value in several ways:

  • Online VAM
    • VAM means Virtual Asset Manager
    • Advisory Tool designed to assist in making day to day decisions
    • Monitor real-time operation
    • Assist with liquid management
    • Monitor Compressor operation performance
    • Warning with real-time forecasting
  • Online VAM Components
    • Pipeline Integrity Management System
    • Virtual Metering System Lite
    • CTAS
    • Standard Forecast
    • What-If Forecast
    • Liquid off-take Optimization
    • Suction Pressure Forecasts
    • Leak Detection
    • Restriction Detection