Our technical experts provide consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Facilitating sustainable development of projects for the recovery of metals and solid minerals to salable products
  • Geochemistry of base (Pb, Zn, Cu, etc), precious (Au, Ag) and rare metals (Sn, In, Ge, Rare Earth Metals, etc) to estimate solid mineral resource
  • Process Mineralogy – understanding a resource mineralogical composition to guide the development of a cost effective and efficient processing route for recovery of metals and minerals from ores
  • Process and Extractive Metallurgy:
    • Flowsheet development – operable and low cost processing method for the recovery of metals and minerals into salable products.
      • Mineral processing and ore beneficiation including comminution
      • Hydrometallurgy including ore leaching, precipitation, electrochemistry, solvent extraction, and ion exchange
      • Pyrometallurgy and thermal processing
  • Basic Engineering and Feasibility Studies:
    • Select processing equipment and Provide project cost estimates for commercial scale operations based on developed flowsheet for the recovery of metals and minerals
  • Environmental and advisory support to mining and mineral industry in all stages of mine life cycle.Type your paragraph here.