Our company provides an integrated intelligent and scalable hydrocarbon accounting software infrastructure and service platform to address the hydrocarbon accounting and production allocation issues and needs.  Implementing a proper solution for the hydrocarbon accounting and production allocation service platform requires harnessing all measurement and information available in order to optimize hydrocarbon resources management, improve production allocation, enhance forecasting of future revenue streams, and optimize operation cost efficiency, hence delivering most business value. Petro-technical big data (reservoirs, wells and facilities) management and analytics are two important concepts for managing hydrocarbon resources, optimizing technical unit cost efficiency and improving return on capital investment capital in the oil and gas industry. Current solution provides a new generation online real-time hydrocarbon accounting data management and analytics system and service platform.

The system platform is equipped with functionalities that provide the following technical and economic values:

  • Data management system
  • Advanced data validation and reconciliation system
  • Virtual metering system (wells, flowlines, trunklines, flow stations, loading stations, etc)
  • Reserves estimation system (oil and gas reservoirs)
  • Standard and what-if forecasting system
  • Cost efficiency estimation and optimization system
  • Economic evaluation and decision making system
  • Data visualization and reporting system

The platform also has the following benefits:

  • It provides one stop shop web-based solution that is dynamically scalable and flexible
  • Alarm notification function to provide the user with newest condition information of the fully instrumented asset being monitored (event detection and diagnosis)