go Course Length:    5 Days       Buy Zolpidem Online Romania Course Dates:   July 6 – 10, 2020 Course Venue:    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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go to link Reservoir modeling is the practice of generating numerical representations of reservoir conditions and properties on the basis of geological, geophysical and engineering data measured at a limited number of borehole locations. Building an accurate reservoir model is a fundamental step of reservoir characterization fluid flow performance forecasting and has direct impact on reservoir management strategies, risk/uncertainties analyses and key business decisions. Seismic data (due to its high spatial resolution), plays a key role not only in defining the reservoir structure and geometry, but also in constraining the reservoir property variations.  This course presents innovative solutions and methods to incorporate seismic and production data in reservoir characterization and model building processes to improve consistency of reservoir models with geological and geophysical measurements. The course also address issues related to (mis)match of the initial reservoir model with well logs and 3D seismic data. These issues include the incorporation of various seismic constraints in reservoir property modeling, the sensitivity of the results to realistic noise in seismic data, geo-statistical modeling parameters and the uncertainties associated with quantitative integration of seismic data in reservoir property modeling. Case studies will be discussed to illustrate the field application of the concepts in the course.

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Buy Valium Dublin This course is designed for reservoir engineers, petrophysicists, geoscientists and asset managers


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  • Integration of 3D and time-lapse seismic data into reservoir modeling and history matching processes
  • Estimation of subsurface geo-models using multi-objective (stochastic) optimization methods and direct/indirect measurements to simultaneously constraint model
  • Novel methods to generate reservoir models that optimally match geological and geophysical data to improve the processes of reservoir characterization and fluid flow performance forecasting

Buy Valium Toronto Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Tablet Course Outline:
  • Introduction to integrated reservoir studies. Rock physics analysis. Reservoir modeling and data integration. Reservoir modeling and joint inversion. Simultaneous optimization of multiple objective functions for reservoir modeling. Seismic constrained static reservoir modeling. Seismic and production data incorporation into reservoir models. Uncertainty analysis
  • Workflows for statistical integration of 3D seismic/4D time-lapse seismic & production data
  • Estimation of subsurface geo-models by multi-objective optimization methods. Probabilistic reservoir property modeling jointly constrained by 3D seismic data, well logs and production data. Challenges in 4D seismic data incorporation into dynamic reservoir models
  • Field case studies and hands-on practice