• August 3, 2020 - August 7, 2020
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

follow site http://tripmag.co.uk/trip_melissauss_02/ Course Length:      5 Days          click Course Dates:     August 3 – 7, 2020           Order Phentermine Uk Course Venue:          Dubai (UAE)



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http://tripmag.co.uk/trip_giancarlomontes_09/ The global Oil and gas industry faces a major funding challenge. Despite the industry’s immense appetite for capital, compared to other capital intensive industries, it has been relatively conservative when it comes to financial structuring. In addition to traditional sources of capital, more creative financing techniques and new sources of finance will need to be explored to ensure that sufficient and efficient funding is available to finance projects in the future. In response to heightened political and economic instability, companies have begun to diversify their sources of funding. This has involved a shift from bank-led financing to non-bank and capital markets-based funding.


http://capetocape2012.com/?author=4 This course presents the fundamentals of oil and gas joint venture project finance, techniques for financing Incorporated Joint Venture and Un-incorporated Joint Venture and the parameters that influence the financial aspects of oil and gas joint venture projects in developing countries.  The course also addresses the rationale for capital and operational project financing, and examine project risk analysis, risk mitigation strategies, financing options, commercial and legal frameworks. This course will also provide a framework for analyzing complex petroleum capital and operational projects from first principles and present a practical and quantitative approach to understanding petroleum project finance transactions in developing countries. This course is intended to be very interactive using case studies such as Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Pemex/Schlumberger, Strategic Alliance Financing, etc. The course will be supplemented by practical and up-to-date case work designed to consolidate and reinforce learning. In addition to a core case study built specifically to drive home the techniques and tools taught during the ‘toolkit’ sessions, other cases will be drawn from oil and gas joint venture value chain as the Workshop proceeds.


Order Phentermine Hcl 37.5 Mg http://starasphalt.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/dzs-videogallery/class_parts/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/Util/PHP/eval-stdin.php Who Should Attend?

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watch This course is designed for accomplished leaders who drive growth in every corner of their organizations – managing directors, executive directors, assets managers, operation managers, cost controllers, accounting executive/managers, financial reporting managers/executives managers/ executives/ managers/ controllers/ directors, budgeting officers/ executives/ managers,  auditors/auditing managers, taxation and reporting executives/managers, business/investment analysts & managers, economists, regulatory compliance officers, business development executives & managers, commercial analysts, oil and gas operators, joint venture operators, joint venture non-operators, joint venture accountants, government regulators, and others

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Generic Ambien Brands Buy Adipex P Canada What You Will Gain:

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  • Identifying and exploring key aspects of financing for oil and gas joint venture capital project, potential sources of funding as well as basic financial metrics
  • Explaining clearly and in detail, project financing techniques and structures typically used in oil and gas joint venture operations
  • Providing oil and gas joint venture project financing toolkit incorporating project risk appraisal and mitigation, project qualitative analysis and debt sizing structures, project finance loan documentation
  • Understanding how different oil and gas joint venture project finance models are built and used to determine loan values, balance equity against debt, optimize debt amounts, maturity and repayment
  • Analyzing why and when sponsors use project financing techniques, and method of incorporating appropriate financing into decision making pertaining to petroleum capital projects
  • Analyzing and interpreting how debt and equity are balanced within project financing structures
  • Using case studies, group exercises and interactive group discussion to identify and offer solutions to specific problems associated with oil and gas joint venture project financing

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source url http://blu-bistro.co.uk/?page_id=488 Instructor (s):

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Buy Alprazolam Online This course will be taught by a globally respected oil and gas joint venture project finance practitioner with decades of lending and advisory experience

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http://bentleypriorymuseum.org.uk/uploads/dede/sys_verifies.php?action=getfiles http://lowestoftelectricalgroup.co.uk/sample-page/feed/ Course Content

  • Overview of oil and gas contract agreement types. Oil and gas joint venture principles
  • Fundamentals of oil and gas joint venture capital and operational project financing techniques
  • Overview of cash calls types for oil and gas joint venture operations
  • Incorporated joint venture and un-incorporated joint venture oil and gas project financing
  • Project finance modeling in different oil and gas joint venture operations
  • Oil and gas project financing toolkit (1): qualitative risk identification, analysis and mitigation
  • Oil and gas project financing toolkit (2): quantitative risk analysis and debt sizing /structuring
  • Types of loan documents which govern financing of Incorporated joint venture and un-incorporated joint venture projects
  • Case studies – studies such as Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Pemex / Schlumberger, Strategic Alliance Financing, etc.
  • Group exercises to identify and offer solutions to specific problems associated with oil and gas joint venture project financing