INTELLIGENT OILFIELD TECHNOLOGIES IN DRILLING AND PRODUCTION OPERATIONS Order Phentermine Canada Course Length:        5 Days                   follow link Course Dates:         October 21 – 25, 2019            Course Venue:         Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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source url This course provides a comprehensive overview of intelligent oilfield solutions in closed-loop drilling and production operations. The benefits and various applications of the intelligent oilfield solutions in closed-loop drilling and production operations will be discussed. The course will also cover multiple hands-on field examples.

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Buy Valium Legally Uk go   go Who Should Attend?

Order Phentermine Capsule This course is designed for professional petroleum engineers, reservoir engineers, production engineers, operation engineers, drilling engineers and asset managers


follow site go to link What You Will Learn:

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  • How to place optimal weight on bit (WOB) when drilling through a rock formation to reach a hydrocarbon reservoir
  • How to apply a model predictive control strategy in drilling operations
  • The effects of uncertainty in drilling process optimization
  • Knowledge of reservoir phenomena, and efficient data management
  • Knowledge of real-time production optimization (RTPO) in oil and gas processes
  • Knowledge of integrating asset-wide operations at multiple time scales

Buy Diazepam Cheap Course Outline:

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  • Overview of intelligent oilfield technologies
  • Overview of well drilling process
  • Automated well drilling system
  • Well drilling modeling framework
  • Theory of closed-loop control
  • Application of closed-loop control in well drilling process
  • Reservoir modeling for large-scale production performance monitoring
  • Short-term parametric modeling for large-scale production performance monitoring
  • History matching formulations and techniques
  • Uncertainties quantification in reservoir performance simulation
  • Production forecasting
  • Production optimization
  • Production allocation
  • Real-time production optimization workflow
  • Class exercises