see url Course Length:   5 Days Course Dates:   July 20 – 24, 2020     here Course Venue:   Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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follow url Course Description:

Buy Phentermine Pills Online This course provides a comprehensive overview of advanced intelligent completions for oil and gas wells. The benefits and multiple applications of the intelligent wells will be discussed. Design methodologies of completing intelligent wells will also be emphasized with multiple hands-on field examples.

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Buy Phentermine Canada Online Buy Xanax Locally Who Should Attend?

enter This course is designed for professional petroleum engineers, reservoir engineers, production engineers, operation engineers, drilling engineers and asset managers

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get link What You Will Learn:
  • Learn about Intelligent Well Completion Systems components: from downhole sensors and actuators (ICV, ICD and mechanically driven sleeves)
  • Provide design methodologies of completing intelligent wells
  • Hands-on exercises on intelligent well Modelling and Value Quantification to build nodal analysis models to determine the desired behavior of remote actuators
  • Hands-on training of Intelligent field Modelling and Value Quantification
  • Optimal operating strategy for wells with downhole inflow control technologies
  • Provide a general overview of Digital Oilfield and Real-time production optimization by sharing the best practices and lessons learned after 10 years of digital oilfield (DOF) implementations

source Course Outline:

  • Overview of intelligent or smart well technologies. Economics of intelligent wells
  • Intelligent well components and their potential applications
  • Selection between passive & active downhole flow control technologies
  • Intelligent well completion performance modeling and optimization using nodal analysis
  • Comprehensive workflow for the design of intelligent well completions
  • Intelligent field modeling and value quantification using modeling tools
  • Comprehensive workflow for the design of advanced well completions and field development well configuration
  • Automated optimization strategies for integrated intelligent well placement and design in oil fields
  • Workflow for uncertainty reduction in intelligent field development planning
  • Flow estimation & allocation using downhole pressure and distributed temperature data
  • Using distributed downhole measurements to optimize production in intelligent wells
  • Closed loop monitoring and optimization of intelligent well operations performance
  • Class exercises and field case studies