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get link Enhanced oil recovery processes target the incremental oil that can be economically recovered from a hydrocarbon reservoir over and beyond what can be economically produced by primary and secondary methods. Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) encompasses all process of improving oil recovery by injecting fluids/materials that is originally not present in the reservoir. This broad definition embraces all EOR processes but exclude pressure maintenance processes such as waterflooding. EOR processes may be implemented during any phase (primary, secondary and tertiary) of the producing life of the reservoir. Primary recovery relies on natural drive mechanisms, while secondary recovery, such as gas and water injection focuses on pressure maintenance. This course will discuss the broad classification of EOR processes and their applications. This course will also introduce the basics concept of flow as it relates to EOR processes and mobilization of residual oil. Finally, we will discuss the theory and practice of EOR processes such as gas injection, chemical processes and thermal methods.


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http://mes1001remedes.com/getting-creative-with-advice/ This course is designed for professional reservoir engineers, petrophysicists, geophysicists, geologists, asset managers and senior managers interested in EOR projects.


http://ancorador.com.br/tag/seguro-aluguel/feed Buy Real Ambien What You Will Learn:

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  • Choose appropriate methods (with their target applications, benefits, and limitations) for improving oil recovery from reservoirs under primary depletion or pressure maintenance utilizing water or immiscible gas injection
  • Enhance oil recovery beyond waterflooding or immiscible gas injection project
  • Understand mechanisms responsible for recovery improvement in various EOR methods
  • Use chemical methods: injection of chemicals (polymers, surfactants, caustic soda, etc.) in the reservoir
  • Select EOR methods using screening criteria
  • Use designing procedures – theoretical, laboratory tests, and field pilots
  • Plan and implement EOR processes employing the proper empirical, analytical, and simulation tools
  • Forecast rate-time and recovery-time behavior under various EOR methods and analyze reservoir performance
  • Assess risks and ways to minimize their impact on project economics Monitor reservoir/well behavior

Buy Zolpidem Australia Generic Ambien Online Course Outline

  • Introduction to EOR methods
  • Screening criteria and technical constraints
  • Displacement fundamentals
  • Miscible flooding: Fundamentals and applications, and miscible simulator
  • Polymer flooding: Applications, rheology of polymer solutions, and polymer adsorption and retention
  • Micellar-polymer or microemulsion flooding
  • Thermal processes
  • Simulation models as reservoir management tools
  • EOR performance evaluation: Field cases and exercises