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source site Upstream oil and gas projects can be too immense for a single company (even a super-major) to finance on their own. Many of the larger deepwater and liquefied natural gas projects fall into this category. The risk profile attached to large-scale exploration and production projects is such that no single company would want to take on full exposure. In an increasingly cost-focused climate, economies of scale are critical to success and partnering may help to achieve this. This partnership often requires the operator of joint venture assets to make cash calls for anticipated future capital and operational expenditures from non-operating partners. Operations often suffer immensely whenever any of the partners’ lack capacity to raise capital to finance its share of the joint venture cash calls due to financial struggles.

follow This course presents oil and gas joint venture principles covering contract types that includes unincorporated joint ventures (“UJVs”) and incorporated joint ventures (“IJVs”) contracts. The course also highlights critical issues relating to implementing oil and gas joint venture accounting, budgeting and auditing processes. This course will also present overview of cash calls for joint venture operations, principles of cash call accounting and reporting; types of cash calls in joint venture contract’s fiscal policy; fundamentals and workflows for cash calling in joint venture contracts; outstanding cash calls and repayment options; impact of cash default on joint venture operations and profitability. Both the structural aspects of cash calling as well as well as real-world case studies will be discussed to illustrate the field application of the concepts in the course.

follow site follow link Who Should Attend? This course is designed for managing directors, executive directors, assets managers, operation managers, cost controllers, accounting executive/managers, financial reporting managers, financial executives /managers/controllers/directors, budgeting officers/executives/managers, auditors / auditing managers, treasurers, taxation and reporting executives/managers, JV/Production Sharing executives/managers/advisors, business/investment analysts & managers, asset officers/managers, economists, regulatory compliance officers, business development executives & managers, commercial analysts, oil and gas operators, joint venture operators, joint venture non-operators, joint venture accountants, government regulators, and others


see  What You Will Gain:

  • Understanding the key attributes of the joint venture business structure as well as the risks and benefits associated with forming joint ventures
  • Knowledge of basic processes in oil and gas joint venture accounting, budgeting and auditing. Describing the elements that constitute master data in joint venture accounting
  • Explaining the processes performed periodically in oil and gas joint venture accounting and reporting. Explaining the key steps for updating elements of master data in joint venture accounting and integrating with other SAP processes
  • Understanding and exploring cash call types for oil and gas joint venture operations
  • Applying practical tools and skill sets to analyze cash calling in joint venture contracts and evaluating impact of cash default on joint venture operations and profitability
  • Using case studies & interactive work/group discussion to apply the skills and knowledge acquired during the training course enter Instructor (s):

go to link This course will be taught by globally respected international oil and gas joint venture financial accounting experts with decades of industry and technical advisory experience

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  • Overview of the oil and gas contract agreement types; and oil and gas joint venture principles
  • Oil and gas project financing fundamentals along the joint venture value chain
  • Incorporated joint venture and un-incorporated joint venture contract types in oil and gas industry
  • Joint venture contract’s fiscal regimes resulting in cash calls
  • Overview of cash call types in oil and gas joint venture operations
  • Processes for cash call funding and account reconciliation
  • Recoverable and non-recoverable costs in joint venture operations
  • Fundamentals of joint venture budgeting
  • Basic processes in oil and gas joint venture cash call accounting and reporting
  • Processes performed periodically in oil and gas joint venture cash call accounting
  • Outstanding cash calls (deficit) and repayment options
  • Entitlement oil/gas of joint venture partners & accounting for deficit cash calls
  • Carried interest in cash call payment
  • Modified carry arrangement and impact of cash default on operations and profitability
  • Case studies
  • Group exercises to identify and offer solutions to specific problems associated with cash calls in oil and gas joint venture operations