The data management and analytics platform needs to meet the real-time and near-real-time requirement to conduct noise reduction, stream statistics, event detection, history matching, production forecast, reservoir optimizations and dynamic reservoir characterization. A key aspect of streaming downhole big data platform is the capability to respond to the dynamic, emergent events and conduct the comprehensive data analytics within specific time frame. Our company provides an integrated intelligent and scalable downhole data management, processing, analytics and visualization systems to address performance issues and enhance integrated reservoir management.

We provide our clients the requisite downhole big data platform and action plan to meet their end goal through:

  • Increased efficiency within current assets from a techno-economic and repeatable successful operations standpoint
  • Streamlined, effective and efficient integrated reservoir and well management workflows
  • Robust, effective, and fool proof downhole big data management, processing, analytics and visualization systems and processes
  • Clear and succinct actions to develop local i-field technology capability
  • Well laid training programs, class room and on the job, to develop well-trained digital oilfield (DOF) leadership and workforce for our clients
  • Streamlined decision making process