Our seismic analytical tool, Seisnetics, uses the power of genetic algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to segment & organize 3D seismic data into genetically similar families of waveform packages called GeoPopulations or GeoPops in a very short space of time

Processing Methodology

  • Looking at every sample it random selects waveforms within the 3D volume as seed waveforms to initiate unbiased, unsupervised learning and machine Intelligence (MI).
  • Waveforms similar to the seeds are grouped to form individual GeoPops for every peak and trough in the entire volume.

Visualization & Integration

  • Accessible via specialized 3D viewer (included)
  • Search the seismic volume searching for waveforms similar to a seed from a specific well
  • Displayed for multiple attributes: Time or Depth. Amplitude and Fitness
  • Sub waveform analysis increases the interpretation resolution and detail

Capital Efficiency & Agility

  • Evaluate, quickly, ALL your data and prioritize development of your portfolio of assets.
  • Optimize well spacing to develop the hydrocarbon potential.
  • Reduce risk and uncertainty to drill horizontal and stacked wells to maximize production of the assets.
  • Operate fields intelligently by monitoring, controlling and optimizing the production and life-cycle of the wells and equipment.
  • Utilize ALL the organization resources efficiently to become an agile organization. Be able to know what you need to know when you need to know it to make the right decisions at the right time.
  • Provide independent evaluations for your negotiations with external partners. For example: provide an independent hydrocarbon reserve and unitization analysis.
  • Transfer additional knowledge, experience and technology to increase local capacity and content.