About Us


OGAB Engineering Inc. is an APEGA licensed engineering firm in Alberta, Canada, recognized as a world-class technology and innovation leader in the petroleum and mining industries. Our company provides practical solutions focusing on excellence, project-specific turnkey and end-users for value creation and a long-term growth.

OGAB Engineering Inc. offers highly beneficial expert and diverse services in the mining and petroleum industries that include: Mining and Petroleum Technology Solutions; Integrated Reservoir Management; Industrial Automation and Remote Control; Downhole Big Data and Analytics; Conventional and Unconventional Asset Evaluation & Management, Field Development Planning;  Detailed Mineral Resources Characterization; and Integrated Assets Modeling and Optimization.

OGAB Engineering Inc. also has in-house competencies that make it easy to render other services such as Capital Investment Governance, Capital Cost Estimating Validation and Assurance; Independent Capital Project Peer Reviews; Midstream and Downstream Capital Investment and Projects Review; Project Controls Management and Assurance; Training and Human Development as well as Advisory Services for Government and Private Petroleum and Mining Companies. These niche services could be leveraged and accessed from us based on OGAB Engineering Inc’s unique roles within the global Petroleum and Mining Industries.



Our Success Stories

Our team of specialists have been involved in several projects over four countries (Canada, Norway, USA, and UK), covering both conventional and unconventional plays. These include integrated subsurface studies, reserves evaluation and determination, field development planning, socio-economic assessment, environmental impact assessment as well as training and human development. Most recently, we provided a consulting service to Alberta government to assess different field pilots of new technologies that advance the recovery of heavy oil and oil sands.


What We Do

OGAB Engineering Inc. has a team of dedicated experts with a combined experience of over 100 years in the petroleum and mining industries.

We provide the following services:

  • Field Development Planning of green & brown fields redesigning
  • Integrated Reservoir Management
  • Reservoir planning and optimization
  • Reserves evaluation and determination
  • Asset Evaluation and Acquisition
  • Log interpretation, Petro-physical analysis, 2D & 3D geological mapping, field geological exploration and development program
  • Training and human development
  • Intelligent Oilfield Technology Solution
  • Downhole Big Data and Analytics
  • Oil and Gas Facility Engineering and Management
  • Detailed Mineral Resources Characterization
  • Third Party Quality Inspections
  • Quality Assurance & Control, including ISO Certifications
  • Peer Assists and Technical Audits
  • Independent Capital Project Peer Reviews – Upstream


Core Business Focus

With over 100 years combined industry experience, we work closely with our clients including small-to-medium E&Ps, private equity funds (PE) and investors to evaluate and assess opportunities.

Our core business focus areas are:

  • Oilfield Services
  • Production and Reservoir Management Products
  • Asset management
  • Advisory services for private companies and government
  • Training and human development