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The Scottish Fold Munchkin, like all cats, is a carnivore. They roam freely in our home and get lots of love, care and attention, as well as our kittens. The first Scottish Fold, Susie, was reportedly found roaming a farm in Perthshire, Scotland, around 1961. Wunderfolds is a CFA registered Scottish Fold breeder located in Fort Mill, SC. We, David & Caprice Townsend raised Cats for twenty nine years. We call them floor kitties until you sit down, then they are lap kitties. we Our Scottish Fold kittens are raised “under foot” so they are well adjusted to normal household sounds and family life. With their owlish faces and big round eyes, it's no wonder this is . Working with Emmers Scottish Folds and Straights has been THE single best experience I've had while acquiring a new furry family member. The ears soon begin to bend forward, usually two to four weeks after birth. Kittens Are Ready @ 12-16 Weeks Of Age And Can Be Reserved With A Nonrefundable Deposit Of 365. One of the most common Scottish boy's names is: Abernathy - meaning the beginning point of a river. This is huge to us breeders. Kitten Price, Average $1000 - $1500 USD  Available Kittens. Browse Scottish Straight kittens for sale & cats for adoption. See more ideas about Dog cat, Beautiful Cats and Cute Cats. The most obvious outward manifestation of this is making the ear  Apr 10, 2015 Scottish Folds kittens are known for their owl-like appearance, but they are affectionate, social, and quiet cats that enjoy spending time with  May 31, 2019 Scottish fold kittens and adults for sale and adoption, pictures and new litter announcements. Through PayPal. You can refer to the article below for more information on Scottish Fold kittens for sale prices, selling websites and reputable breeders. Dallas Scottish fold male kitten. Insured for one month Lifelong breeder support from us A sample pack of the food they have b. Ross registered the breed with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in Great Britain in 1966 and started to breed Scottish Fold kittens with the help of geneticist Pat Turner. Kittens There are 926 products. The coat should be clean, smooth, shiny and free of feces, excess oils, flakes or parasites. In the longhaired variety, the coat is semi-long. Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc. There should be no redness or sores in the mouth, on the tongue, or on the lips. Home page of Margo and Janica's Scottish Folds. We rescue, care for, and re-home Scottish Fold cats found to be in need, homeless, or in danger. Scottish kittens. QUICK VIEW. Learn All About Scottish Fold Cats and Kittens This adorable curly eared cat originally occurred as a spontaneous mutation in farm cats in Scotland. Here you can find the breed information, our care advises as well as pick your future furry little friend. A Scottish Fold Kitten will not just be another kitten/cat but a true member of your family. Then you can begin the Scottish fold on adult cat food if you still have the fold kitten left from the litter. Sweet, Happy, Playful, Clean Scottish Fold Kittens With Soft Plush Coats, To Good Companion Pet Home With Spay/Neuter Written Contract. We are offering them for sale as pets. I am not a pressure salesperson for I believe choosing a member of the family is a huge decision. If you intend to sell the Scottish fold kittens then they should still be eating kitten food when they leave your home. Jul 23, 2018 Two orphaned kittens found in the Scottish Highlands are confirmed to be pure Scottish wildcats, the world's most endangered cat. Kittens are priced around 4 weeks after they are born. Deposits are non-refundable and you have up to one year for a kitten from a future litter. 00. He asked to have a kitten from her and with the help of geneticist Pat Turner, he started breeding scottish folds, first registering them with GCCF in 1966. : Scottish Fold Cats Available for Adoption The following is a list by State of Scottish Folds that are in need of homes. This is the homesite of Amber Snow Cattery , Scottish folds . We provide a 2 year replacement guarantee against fatal genetic diseases. Find a kittens in Scotland on Gumtree, the #1 site for Cats & Kittens for Sale classifieds ads in the UK. My new 6 week old Scottish Fold munchkin kitten, that we actually named Munchkin, but we usually call her Munchie. Scottish Straight are a moderately active cat breed. Our Cattery is TICA registered and our breeding stock are from International, European and USA Champion bloodlines. The Scottish Fold cat occurred as a spontaneous mutation in farm cats in Scotland. Our sire, SGC Macrory Golden Finnish of Starlas, won Best Scottish Fold Cat South Central Region TICA, as well as Best Scottish Fold Kitten South Central Region TICA for 2014-2015. She lived on a farm in the Tayside region and had produced a litter of kittens that included two with folded ears. The female kittens were born at the Aigas Field Centre near Beauly in the Highlands. Straight eared kittens are the backbone of the Scottish Fold breed. Face Silver. They always enjoy playing and being around people. and one of the most common Scottish girl's names is: Aberfa - meaning the mouth of the river. Shop with confidence. Cats&Dogs, USA NYPD 1020; Scottish fold kittens are not born with folded ears. ” This is due to a natural genetic mutation that affects cartilage throughout the cat’s body, most notably causing the ears to bend forward. It is a cross between a Scottish Fold and a Munchkin cat in hopes of producing Scottish Fold folded ears and Munchkin short leg kittens. 2 months and 3. Not all Folds, well, fold. It is silky and flows along the body. Both parents TICA registered with pedegree from champions line. Apr 27, 2017 Vets warn that breeding of the Scottish Fold Cat should stop They were first introduced to the US in 1970 when three kittens from one of  A Scottish Fold kitten is as cute as a button, and has a personality to match! Learn more aboutScottish Folds, what to look for in a kitten, how to take care of it, and  SALE! ALL KITTENS 15% OFF! ! ! ! Scottish Fold, British Shorthair and Maine Coon kittens for sale. 2,5 months old. Scottish Fold & British Shorthair Kittens For Sale. They are easy going and will appreciate the company of other pets in their household, especially if the human family members are out at work. Health guaranteed 2 years. Scottish Fold cats or kittens in need of rescue and available for adoption. We have nice male lilac point purebred Scottish Fold kitten. very playful and easy to care for. 6/10- This darling is the last kitten from this litter available. The very first Scottish Fold was a barn cat whose name was Susie. Scottish Fold kittens are not born with folded ears but by about three to four weeks of age the ears begin to fold. Scottish Folds are a medium size cat and are generally quite. And, Pets & Animals Cats & Kittens Scottish Fold Amazing Scottish fold brown tabby female is available [ luxurydogs ] Adorable Scottish fold brown tabby female for sale in New York. Available Kittens and Kittens Sold This Year. In order  However, not all the kittens in a litter of Scottish Folds will necessarily have the mutation that causes their ears to tip at all. My Scottish fold kitten will usually join your family at about 9-14 weeks of age depending on the kitten. There is a moderate amount of undercoat and the coat is weather resistant and resilient. 1 review of Scottish fold kittens cattery "I purchased a blue Scottish Fold from Scottish Folds Cattery and we absolutely love him! He's such a handsome guy and everyone raves about him and now they want a Scottish Fold. Purrfect-folds Cattery is your choice for a beautiful, healthy, affectionate and adorable Scottish Fold kitten. *Prices subject to change without notice. This population is estimated to comprise between 1,000 and 4,000 individuals, of which about 400 cats are thought to meet the morphological and genetic criteria of a wildcat. Jul 18, 2018 Two orphaned wildcat kittens have been rescued in Scotland, creating fresh optimism for the species' future. kittensup4sale. A Scottish Fold Kitten. Is a Scottish Fold a Good Pet for Me? Whether you are a cat lover, a dog lover, single, have small children, whether you live in a mansion or one room shack,whether you are experienced cat fancier or someone who does not understand why anyone would want to own a cat, a Scottish Fold is guaranteed to win your heart and make you a fan for life! Scottish fold kittens/cats from Valpets shall never be placed into, sold or given away to any pet Shop or any type of research facility. All of our cats have the very round heads, stocky bodies and very large amber eyes. Edgar and Poe are very sweet, loving, energetic and very healthy and are a welcome and loving addition to our home! Montessori Cats is a small Scottish Fold Cattery located in in Ft Lauderdale,Florida and can be reached at 954-801-8277. Scottish Fold Munchkin kittens for sale. Scottish Fold kittens are quite rare and usually not easy to obtain and are in quite high demand, so there is usually a wait before one can be acquired. Scottish Kilt Kittens are a cross between the Scottish Fold and the Munchkin cat. The New Owner will offer breeder the kitten/cat back to the breeder if they are no longer willing or able to keep this cat/kitten. All Kittens Are Started On Their Shots, & De-wormed. Unlike most cats, the Scottish wildcat are multi-habitat hunters. Our TICA registered cattery specializes in breeding of Scottish Fold (Straight) cats. All of our cats are raised in our home underfoot and kittens receive plenty of one on one attention and are well socialized and litter trained. As you can see there is not much difference between a Scottish Fold and a British Shorthair in conformation (except when the ears fold on a Scottish Fold). At about three to four weeks of age, their ears fold…or they don’t! It is usually around eleven to twelve weeks of age that the breeder can determine the quality (pet, breeder or show). British Shorthair and Scottish Fold kittens – Well socialized and loved kittens. Welcome to Starla's Cats. Origin. Scottish Fold kittens are born with what look like normal ears. I have been a Scottish fold breeder since my first year of medical school in 1994. Play full screen, enjoy Puzzle of the Day and thousands more. Eyes and nose should be clear with no signs of discharge or debris and no evidence of sneezing or coughing. The Scottish Straight is one of the feline breeds that make up the Scottish Breed Group, along with the beloved Scottish Fold. Here are a few photos of SOLD kittens - both Scottish Fold (left, center and right) and British Shorthair (center left and center right). Scottish fold / Scottish straight. mAgaFoldCattery is now mEgaFoldCattery - More than 17 years Breeding and Selling Scottish Fold Kittens and Cats Expert Scottish Fold Breeders in  Scottish fold cats are great! Visit us to learn more about Scottish fold cat breed and how to take care of them. 5 months. Scottish Exotic Maine Coon british Bengal Munchkin Sphynx French bulldog Abyssinian pomeranian . Scottish Fold cat and kitten classifieds. Solid blue British Shorthair kittens for sale - All sold. By the time the Fold was granted Championship status with CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) in 1978, many Americans were already taken with these wonderful cats. The centre has had a breeding We are breeders of quality Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight kittens. One of the most famous cats on the internet is a Scottish fold who lives in Japan called Maru, whose videos have been watched more than 300 million times on Youtube. Post all your free for sale and adoption ads here. Scottish kittens We have pure Scottish fold and straight kittens available. com Ask about delivery. The homeland of cats is Scotland. All kittens leave the cattery at 10-12 weeks old, fully vaccinated. This way you will know that they are eating properly. Our kittens are born and raised in Florida, where the kittens gets lots of attention and becomes very friendly and communicative with others. That is why we work extra hard at socializing all our Scottish Fold cats and kittens. Our goal is to produce the best amalgamation of health, stemperament, and consistent type. It takes about 4 weeks to tell if their ears are going to fold or not. By the time he is three  Scottish Folds are normally affectionate, calm and well-behaved. We picked out Wilson when he was 5 weeks old and from that moment on we started receiving detailed updates on our little guy as he progressed through 16 weeks. 1 Scottish Fold Kitten Left. With their tiny legs, owlish looks and sweet dispositions, it’s no wonder they are fast becoming a very popular kitten. Available British and Scottish fold long and shorthair kittens. The Scottish Fold is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant-gene mutation that affects Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in Great Britain in 1966 and started to breed Scottish Fold kittens with the help of geneticist Pat Turner. Kittens For Sale , Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight Kitten for sale from New York Brooklyn The Scottish Fold is a relatively new breed that of course, originated in Scotland. We offer the largest selection of Scottish fold and Scottish straight kittens in USA and Canada. When the kitten reaches the age of maturity (over 8 months), it may also consume the following foods: Special food (dry or wet) adapted for age, weight, and health (eg. Being enchanted by the Scottish Folds' sweet looks and demeanor, we decided that this was the cat for us and begin studying the breed and learning what traits are desired to meet the judging standard for pedigreed cats. Every cattery has its share of mild kitten maladies so we keep our kittens until they are 14 to 16 weeks old to allow our kittens immune systems to mature prior to the stress of leaving their cat family to join their human families. DOB 05/24/19We have 3girls one is fold boy and 2 fold girls . All Scottish Folds can trace their ancestry back to a white barn cat from Scotland. is incorporated in the State of Florida and governed by a seven-member Board of Directors. With their folded ears, big eyes and round heads, people often say that Scottish Fold kittens resemble cuddly Teddy bears, wide-eyed owls, or otters. The fold gene is an incomplete autosomal dominant gene that affects the development of cartilage and bone throughout the cat's body. Great Scottish Fold Kittens that are a joy the minute they get adjusted to your home. Both kittens are a testament to the loving home in which they were raised. Scottish Fold Kittens for Sale. source. Welcome Welcome and thank you for your interest in our perfect, purebred kittens. Scottish Straight is an independent breed from recent times. We will get back to you as soon as possible. There is nothing a Scottish Fold–named for their folded ears–likes better than to be As the name implies, Scottish Folds come from Scotland, and they can all trace Best Cat Names · Kittens & What To Expect · Brain Games For Your Cat  Scottish Fold kittens are born with what look like normal ears. A litter of otherwise normal kittens born on a farm in Scotland contained the first Scottish Fold in 1961. Together they produce a very rare, folded eared, short legged kitten. They need plenty of meat to keep them healthy so your cat should have plenty of animal protein in their wet food. We offer reliable and safe shipping to other states and worldwide. Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears. Price $1,450. They are well socialized and friendly. Kiwi Silver Marble F Timon Scottish Fold Hollister Scottish F Simba Chinchilla Sco Angel Lilac Scottish Scottish Fold Golden Tabby Male Kitten - $1900 Includes a 5 Year Health Guarantee! Kitten available and ready to a new loving home. Kitten 276: Available Blue Van Folded Eared Scottish Fold Female This girls is so sweet and ready for her new family. Scottish Folds are born with straight ears; they look like any other kittens ears until about  The Scottish Fold breed of cat has a genetic mutation that affects the development of cartilage. X. Silver and golden shaded. We shared our beautiful waterfront home of 35 years with wonderful sweet cats who are our best friends and are truely our 'Children With Fur'. Mother is a Scottish fold and dad got a champion title in his breed . Buy, sell and adopt all types of Scottish Fold cats and kittens. Some kittens will take a little longer to tell what color they will be. Maturity allowed aliments in Scottish Fold’s diet. Our Kittens will be: Checked at the vets at least twice, Fully Vaccination Litter Trained, Treated up to date Worm and fleas. They enjoy games and playing with toys but they also love to cuddle up to their companions and lounge the day away. Two Scottish wildcat kittens have been born in a captive breeding programme. For some more vids of Munchie check out my Scottish Fold & British Shorthair Kittens For Sale. The current Scottish Fold cat price is around $800/kitten, but it can vary from one to another. . 121 likes · 210 talking about this. The breeding program produced 76 kittens in the first three years—42 with folded ears and 34 with straight ears. The kittens will have shots and will be dewormed. Just 35 Scottish  Jul 18, 2018 Two “priceless” wildcat kittens have been rescued by conservationists after being discovered near a road in the Scottish Highlands, with their  Go, choose, buy! Cattery "LukeL" offers thoroughbred Scottish Fold kittens ( Scottish Folds), with short and long hair (highlands), various colors of bicolors, silver,  Jul 30, 2018 With only an estimated 35 of these gorgeous cats left in the entire world, spotting 2 Scottish Wildcats kittens is just about one of the rarest  Sept 14, 2018 – These two Scottish wildcat kittens are among the last of their kind . Scottish Folds are known to be very good natured, affectionate cats who are very human-orientated and become extremely attached to their owners. Our cats are selected for their great looks and come from breed winning lines from across the world. Scottish fold cats are very sweet, good with children and with dogs. There are degrees of folding, usually described as a single, double, or triple fold. Around 12 weeks, babies are ready to go home. Price $1,500. Some have ears that stay resolutely pointed. All our Scottish Fold kittens are sold on a spay/neuter contract – with the exception of the breeders. Click here to learn about classified ads and pricing. They are each there Kits SALE! ALL KITTENS 15% OFF! ! ! ! Scottish Fold, British Shorthair and Maine Coon kittens for sale. Scottish Folds Kittens are quiet good character easily adaptable to the environment and people. Available Kittens on website. OriginEdit. She was found by William Ross in 1961 in Scotland, and she was later bred with other breeds, such as the American Shorthair , Burmese, Exotic Shorthair, and Persian. The ears of the kittens that carry the gene begin folding usually about the 21st day, starting with the outer edge of the ear near the base. Scottish Fold Kittens For Sale & Cats For Adoption. It is now limited to north and east Scotland. Following the registration, Ross partnered with Pat Turner, a geneticist, to discover that a dominant gene caused the trait. The tail is plumy and the coat is heavier on the ruff and britches. McSmitten is a small cattery with British Shorthairs and Scottish Folds. Our cats and kittens are our family and live with us wherever we are: den, bedroom or kitchen, so no need for cages or a separate cattery area. Mar 16, 2019- Explore Maria's board "scottish fold kittens" on Pinterest. Jul 18, 2018 A pair of wildcat kittens have been rescued in Scotland, sparking fresh hope for the endangered species. Dilan Scottish straight male kitten. He's fully housebroken, adora Find great deals on eBay for scottish fold kittens. The first fold appeared in the 1960’s and was a little female called Susie. Scottish fold kittens/cats from Valpets shall never be placed into, sold or given away to any pet Shop or any type of research facility. We are a kitty-loving couple who live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. To reserve a kitten or ask a question , please "Contact Us" and leave us a message. Contact us at 386-986-zero zero five two. Origin: Scottish Fold (Face, Lying). 8 weeks. Our scottish fold kittens are raised with love, literally underfoot, in a clean and healthy environment. 5 based on 65 Reviews "We got our kitten from Scottish Fold NYC in March of this year and we couldn’t be happier! The Scottish Straight cat can be born in the same litter as the Scottish Fold and the only distinguishing difference between the two breeds is that, at about 3 weeks old, kittens of Scottish Fold cats will have ears that either fold down and stay that way, or remain permanently upright. A breeder in Orlando, FL, USA. Balance Is To Be Paid (COD) Upon Pick Up. If you are a breeder, reserve space on TICA's online classifieds. And in fact these cats are vital to the. The orphaned felines were  Feb 7, 2019 TICA Breeder Ads. Jul 18, 2018 The world's rarest cat has received an unexpected population boost after two orphaned kittens were discovered in Scotland. The breed has been established by crosses to British Shorthair and domestic cats in Scotland and England. Scottish Fold Cats: The Scottish Fold is a breed of domestic cat that is often described as appearing “owl-like. Ross registered the breed with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in Great Britain and started to breed Scottish Fold kittens with the help of geneticist Pat  Thinking of getting a Scottish Fold Kitten? This breed is lovable, easy-going, and intelligent. Maine Coon kittens for sale. Shipping in the Continental United States is done via Delta DASH, American Airlines or United which is 400. Your vet might also recommend adding supplements to your cat’s diet to prevent digestive diseases. We also have the most National Winner Folds and the highest-scoring longhaired Scottish Fold kitten of any Scottish Fold breeder. It is listed as Endangered in the Kittens For Sale , Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight Kitten for sale from New York Brooklyn Our Scottish Fold Munchkin Kittens, or Scottish Kilts, are bred with Persian, Himalayan, and Siamese bloodlines. British Shorthair kittens for sale and Scottish Fold Kittens for sale. Exclusive munchkin and munchkin fold kittens Shipping from Russia by cargo or with person around the world! Viber +7 915 322 28 82 Moscow, Russia Scottish Fold Amber Snow cattery is in South Carolina, for adoption visit our kitten page and adults available page. William Ross took one of her kittens that also shared her folded ear trait and registered the breed with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in 1966. I purchased two Scottish Fold kittens from Vera this past year. Scottish Kittens puzzle in Animals jigsaw puzzles on TheJigsawPuzzles. She is a very playful and active kitten and very affectionate too. We have kittens available throughout the year. Scottish Fold Kits ( females and a Male left) These sweet little babies are Scottish Folds of the straight ear variety. 2015 (4 years 4 months) Kitten class: Breeding Weight: 4 kg from  Welcome to our cattery! My name is Marina Yurskaya, and I am breeder of scottish fold and scottish straight kittens and a proud owner of a KISS'A'FOLD cattery,  Well, it is in a way, but a Scottish Fold's ears may be folded or straight. Our goal is to bring into your family, another member. CFA-TICA Registered We are a small , home based cattery breeding Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight kittens. Rescued by  Jul 21, 2016 Four astonishingly cute and vitally important kittens have been born at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland's Highland Wildlife Park. A Scottish Fold Munchkins have been accepted by TICA as an experimental breed and are now called Scottish Kilts. It is due to the fact that the kittens Scottish Straight are the “children” of the Scottish Fold cats, who (when they reach the age of a month) have straight ears. They enjoy playing but usually want to play with  Gender: male Colour: red blotched bicolor EMS-code: SSS d 22 03 Date of birth: 19. 14 weeks. Scottish Fold Kittens NYC - - Rated 3. Download this Cute Scottish Fold Kittens photo from Canva's impressive stock photo library. The Scottish wildcat population used to be widely distributed across Britain, but has declined drastically since the turn of the 20th century due to habitat loss and persecution. The original Scottish Fold was a white, fold eared cat named “Susie”, and today’s Scottish Folds are all descendents of this remarkable Scottish kitty. The Scottish wildcat is a European wildcat population in Scotland. Re-homing fee is $1200. All our cats live inside our home and are beloved pets. A TICA (The International Cat Association) registered breeder of Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight kittens. All colors are permissible in both coat varieties. We have 5 magnificent Scottish kittens: 1 silver spotted tabby, fold – $1200 1 white-silver, straight – $900; 1 white-silver shaded tabby, fold – $1200 1 white with grey stripes, straight – $900 1 grey with white cream, fold – $1200 The kittens are very cute and playful. He's a pure bred Scottish Fold that is fourteen years old. Beautiful girl Scottish Fold with excellent temperament is looking for a new home. Scottish Folds are moderately active cats. By the time he is three months old, the typical Scottish Fold has a distinctly owlish look, thanks to the unusual carriage of his ears. Breeder's Statement: Starrpawzs Scottish Folds are the only Fold breeders to have bred CFA's one and only ALLBREED BEST KITTEN in the world. It is a high quality litter of teddy bears as they are all big in size and have very good head shape and coat. The Scottish Fold is an affectionate, placid and companionable cat which loves both humans and other pets. com. She is one of our prettiest kittens. This particular behaviour distinguishes the Scottish Wildcat from the mainland European population of wildcats, which tend to be forest specialists. This unusually cute furry breed of Scottish Straight cats appeared in this country. dermatological, liver, kidney or other affections) beef, chicken, fish, cooked or roasted ~Mary, Coco's Mom. This darling already has amazing expression, enjoys attention, and has the sweet disposition of her mom. Our pet was adopted from a ScottishFold breeder. CFA-TICA Registered All kittens go to their new home with full vet exam , first round of shots and 1 year health guarantee for congenital issues. This behaviour has evolved in response to the severe deforestation that has taken place across the British Isles. In America, the outcross is the American and British Shorthair. We love our beautiful babies! Our Scottish Fold kittens are raised “under foot” so they are well adjusted to normal household sounds and family life. available kittens munchkin napoleon manx Scottish fold foldex Siamese Kittens up for sale offer only purebred kittens such as: Maine coon, Scottish short and longhair, golden chinchilla, exotic shorthair and other breeds. Welcome to Colorado Folds! We are small scale, family operated breeding facility where our cats are also our pets. We are a small home based cattery in the farming community of Spokane, WA. Kittens/cats from Luxury Kittens Scottish Fold shall never be placed into, sold or given away to any pet Shop or any type of research facility. She Scottish Fold Cats: The Scottish Fold is a breed of domestic cat that is often described as appearing “owl-like. Napoleon Scottish fold male kitten. I can provide Scottish Fold kittens in a range of colours and variety of patterns, including favourites blue and silver tabby also lilac, cream, chocolate, and unusual colourpoint, bicolour and tabby patterns. We have been raising CFA registered Scottish Fold kittens for 13 years. 03. All bona fide Scottish Fold cats trace their pedigree to Susie. An adorable Scottish Fold kitten is an irresistible little teddy bear and can melt just about anyones' heart! With their round faces, chubby bodies, folded ears and sweet wide-eyed expression, they look more like little teddy bears than your average kitten (and that's saying something!). Medical: All kittens are tested for Feline Leukemia and have received their first sets of shots. A type of European wildcat found only in the Scottish Highlands,… more. Scottish Fold kittens for sale. scottish kittens

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